Slava Ukraine Finally!? Is Putin Deliberately Destroying the Russian Army For His Chinese Patrons? Oh, and Is Elon Musk A Traitor?

Lately I have a lot of questions:

Why is Elon Musk’s septuagenarian mother meeting with people credibly accused of running a money laundering front for illegal gambling and the Ukrainian mob?

Whatever happened to Igor Kurganov, the Russian poker player backed by the Chinese triads, whom Musk was entrusting with $5.7 billion for “charity”?

Was that $5.7 billion for charity actually a pay off to a poker player staked by the Chinese mob?

Does Musk’s ties to the Russian, Chinese, and Ukrainian underworld explain why he wants to play Kissinger? (O.K., that’s a tad unfair to Henry. He actually racked up the air miles as opposed to running a Twitter poll.)

A friend of mine likes to joke that only one person gets credit for killing Hitler — Hitler! You didn’t kill Hitler, did you, dear reader? No! Hitler has that one on you and always will. Whatever you do in life only Hitler gets the credit for killing Hitler. And so perhaps only one person gets credit for destroying the Russian military — Putin!

Why would Putin want to do that? Well, what if I were to tell you that Putin isn’t really the leader of the Russians but the nexus point of the Chinese deep state, a compromised Russian intelligence services, and the Russian mob? And what if I were to tell you that that nexus has its ties in the U.S. too?

Elon Musk (and Ukrainian Jewish-American David Sacks) are afraid to see a Ukrainian victory because a stronger Ukraine won’t tolerate their behavior any longer. Yes, I suspect that the longstanding ties between the Musk family and the Ukrainian mob deserve careful attention.

When a Ukrainian ambassador to Germany tells Elon Musk to “fuck off” he’s not speaking off the cuff. He’s being directed.

He’s also revealing how the Ukrainian deep state feels about Elon Musk. He predicts that no Ukrainian will buy Musk’s shitty cars. Now why does it feel that way?

Could it because Elon’s mom Maye Musk is affiliated with Leo Gaming, an international online gaming monetization international payment system in Ukraine that includes former Ukrainian President Viktor Yuschenko? Did I mention that Leo Gaming is under investigation for money laundering?

What if Maye Musk is the matriarch of the Musk crime family?

What if all the focus on Musk’s sex life hides his financial misdeeds?

There’s a lot of stuff that good thinking and wrong thinking people are getting wrong about Ukraine.

A friend writes to me about this tweet from my friend Congressman Matt Gaetz.

To be honest I don’t think Rep. Gaetz is correct about what’s really going on here.

My view is that the Russians and Ukrainians are in a mob war because the Chinese cash has dried up thanks to Chinese domestic woes. Russia and Ukraine, both backed by China until very recently, are duking it out. You might expect to see those tech entrepreneurs compromised by China call for peace.

When I went to see Julian Assange, he said that Ukraine was milking two cows — the EU and Russia. He may well have been right at the time but I do think the truth is that it was forced to choose between America and China and found America the better option.

In short, Zelensky, backed as he was by Ukrainian gangsters, found a better patron in Uncle Sam. He has a money printer.

My friend notes that it introduces an aspect of Ukraine that Elon really doesn’t want to talk about — his own ties to Ukrainian and other organized crime — but with plausible deniability.

Musk is replying to Max Tegmark in that tweet. It’s starting to seem to me—and maybe I’m late to the party here—that the international Jewish scientific community is, at least to an extent, kind of a psyop (basically everyone that was on Lex Fridman’s podcast is suspect, as a rule of thumb). [CJ’s note: I’m told Fridman is straight up afraid of me. We spoke exactly once on Clubhouse before I was banned without warning from the platform.]

I know this is seen as dangerous territory (and why is that? who wants it to be?), but how far back could this go? Does it go back to Carl Sagan and Richard Feynman, or Einstein (who was a Zionist and at least “socialist” if not outright Stalinist, as he was investigated by the FBI) and David Ben-Gurion, or to Soviet spies on the Manhattan project? After knowing enough of these people, it starts to be clear that this specific scientific discourse about things like atheism, aliens, psychology, psychedelics, singularity, etc. is a very specific European Jewish transplant in America. And what is it used for and by who?

And look at Max Tegmark pulling probability about nuclear war with Russia out of his ass and Musk immediately agreeing with him. This is nothing new, one can’t ignore here that the American nuclear arsenal was always restrained by the deterrence theory of Herman Kahn, which is based on the development of game theory by Neumann and Morgenstern. How real was and is Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)? Do we dare ask?

I’m not quite there on Feynman or Einstein being threats. In those days (and perhaps still?) to be investigated by Hoover’s FBI was to reveal that you might actually be a good guy. I note, in passing, Einstein’s warning to America about Menachem Begin’s anti-Democratic spies. Say, was Einstein a spy for the United Kingdom and the United States? It sure feels that way. What was he really doing in that Swiss patent clerk office? Hmmmm….

Nowadays it certainly does seem like quite a bit of flim-flam comes from what we might call secular or Reform Jews and candidly I’ve paid it way too much attention over the years and somewhat resent it capturing my youthful focus.

How much of this nonsense is neuroticism, how much of it is ops running, and how much of it is trying to create a demand for products to sell us that don’t work I leave for the historians, counterintel guys, or physiatrists or all three.

For what it’s worth I’m against atheism. I don’t believe in aliens — I subscribe to the Alone in the Universe hypothesis. I think most psychology not grounded in biology is bunk—though perhaps worth some exploration. As far as I can tell the push toward psychedelics is an op funded by the Chinese-Russian-German-Israeli-etc. enemies of the United States, especially when it comes to giving LSD to PTSD-suffering veterans. (Not a good idea!) Having once met Ray Kurzweil as a high school student I came away unimpressed. Is this the machine rapture? Count me out! I don’t want to be a machine; I just want the machines to work better.

I suspect much of the obsession with “muh UFOs” is a way of drumming up money for the very compromised Air Force. Add to that Michael Ellison, son of Chisraeli agent and Oracle founder Larry Ellison pushing Top Gun 2, and you get the idea.

We’re not going to have a very large military in the future but we are going to have lots of drones and satellites. Frankly I may have been helpful here and there about cleaning up the compromised satellite world but that’s a story for another time and when I’m allowed to chat about it so forget I mentioned it, OK?

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But really the question we ought to be asking is: How real are (Russia’s) nuclear weapons anyway? Might we have a means of, say, flying satellites over Russia’s nuclear weapons and checking to see which nukes are real and which are not? I suspect we do and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

If the Russian army was so easily routed, do we really think that the Russians did all they could to update their nuclear deterrence? Obviously not.

Might the Russian op to monopolize the ownership of uranium mining have been an intellectual cul de sac designed to lure them down a false path? You never want to be out-indicated by your enemy. Hasn’t the cost of nuclear power gone up over time? Don’t the Russians have a monopoly? Isn’t that why Secretary Granholm wants more money to shore up our domestic side? Why has Senator Feinstein balked at the $1.5 billion costs of nuclear power?

You might have noticed the recent obsession with nuclear power lately that’s been bouncing around the Internet. Color me extremely skeptical of that nuclear power propaganda, and I say this as a kid going to Coronado and begging to hang around the nuclear reactors on the subs. Now I’m fairly friendly with the guys over at General Atomics. We talk. They tell me that nuclear power, dependent as it is on uranium, is a finite resource. It’s used up.

The sun, by contrast, is still going strong. The typical satellite, powered as it is by solar power, orbits ‘round and ‘round and ‘round. Could I imagine a world in which there were large solar farms orbiting earth? Or perhaps covering up all our waterways?

The Department of Energy — which is not at all the deep state — seems not terribly interested in there being a lot more nuclear reactors in America, probably because there’s a lot of nuclear material which gets stolen from reactors and facilities. Depending who you ask that might even be how Israel got the bomb.

And for whatever reason the Department of Energy was absolutely uninterested in a startup I was looking at which processed oil in a novel way. “Our position is that the United States has all the oil it needs,” they told me at the time.

And that was before people started hacking and blowing up pipelines and major insurance companies started not insuring them against damages.

The genius of Secretary Blinken’s foreign policy has been getting some of the deeply compromised tech companies to serve American interests. He’s forcing our oligarchs to play a part — and they’re not even getting paid.

Sympathetic reports have focused on Musk’s Starlink helping the Ukrainians but perhaps they’ve also helped a lot of the criminals move their money out of Ukraine.

A better way to see this:

I’ve long maintained a pro-peace position (which is not at all the same thing as a pro-Putin perspective.) I do not support Russian sanctions but favor capturing the assets of the Russian oligarchs and then investing those assets into companies which ultimately remove our dependence on Russian natural resources.

Nord Stream 2 revealed it’s all about pipelines. The collapse of the bridge to Crimea revealed that infrastructure is under attack.

We know now that the best way to break up NATO is to take Turkey from it — with its food and second largest army

Let’s go back in time to the fall of the Soviet Union. I know we aren’t really allowed to do that but work with me here, OK? Let’s assume you are playing the game as China. The Russians and Americans tried to topple you at Tiananmen Square. You were upset about that so you returned the favor by installing Putin as the Russian leader. In fact, throughout the former Soviet Union, you installed leaders that were sympathetic to you. In some cases it was easier if you just let the mob take over.

When the Soviet Union was falling there were a number of deals cut over what was to be done with its resources. One of those who profited was Bill Browder, who happens to count Robert Maxwell, Ron Burkle, and Edmond Safra as personal friends. I’m not allowed to write about what Browder’s son is doing and who is funding it but he might be plugged into Founders Fund. Someone should look into that. Hmmmm….

We are obviously strengthening Poland and toppling Hungary as a hedge against both Germany and Russia.

Poland’s government intends to sue the European Commission at the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in order to “force” Brussels to release €36 billion in Polish funds if it continues “illegally” blocking them over rule-of-law concerns.

During a meeting with supporters of the ruling national-conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party on Sunday, PiS chairman Jarosław Kaczyński announced that they were considering taking legal action over the frozen post-pandemic recovery funds (known by their Polish initials of KPO).

“We have undertaken the projects planned in the KPO,” said Kaczyński, who holds no formal government role but, as PiS chairman, is Poland’s de facto leader. “Since we have an approved plan, they should pay us. Perhaps we will bring lawsuits over this money.”

The commission’s continued blocking of the funds “is obviously illegal”, he added, quoted by RMF24. “I don’t think we can get this money now because there is no point making further concessions…[But] we will get the money sooner or later.”

We aren’t allowed to talk about how its really a proxy war between China and the United States and how many of the Chinese-compromised American tech companies are being forced to showcase their capabilities in Ukraine. You might call this the Russian requisitioning or the deep state dragooning. Yes, yes, the Russians have been somewhat humiliated on the battlefield. But are we so convinced that America would fare much better in modern warfare conditions? We acquitted ourselves so well in Afghanistan and Iraq, didn’t we?

By sanctioning the Russian oligarchs we make it extremely likely that the Russian state will ultimately collapse and that the resources that are in roughly 3 percent of the globe will go to the Chinese. This is what some of the most patriotic Russians — those in the Russian oligarchy — have strenuously opposed. We should be strengthening these brave Russians. Will Navalny be our Nelson Mandela? Time will tell.

The collapse of the pound and the extension of the U.S. security shield from nuclear weapons to now oil and gas means that Europe belongs to America.

No more of this weird middle manning between China-Russia-Germany, OK? Are you listening Axel Springer, the firm which owns Musk?

Why does the Musk family have ties to the Ukrainian mob?

A recent article detailed the criminal money laundering investigation against bits and pieces of the Musk empire.

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Still another friend of mine has complied a lot of the research down below.

I include the following without edit or comment. It is merely “research,” as the kids say.

Don’t read it! Don’t read it especially if you are one of the 183 journalists and not a few spies who subscribe to this Substack. I’m warning you! Don’t read it. And don’t email me for more information. Don’t do that. Don’t!

November 2, 2017 | Tosca Musk raises $4.75M for Passionflix, a streaming service that’s all about romance It’s not like romantic comedies are miss- ing from theaters, or from Netflix, but Passionflix co-founder Tosca Musk (she’s a film director and producer, as well as the sister of Elon and Kimbal Musk) said the genre is dwarfed by ac- tion blockbusters.“There just aren’t a lot of romances done at all,” Musk said. “It’s the biggest- selling genre in the world, but every time they do release a romance [movie], they say, ‘I can’t believe it did well.’ ”So Passionflix offers a curated library of titles like Amelie and the 2005 ver- sion of Pride and Prejudice, plus original films and shows, for a monthly price of $5.99. (While the service is technically available worldwide, Musk said most of the licensed content is U.S.- only.) The goal, Musk said, is to focus on “positive relationships between men and women” — though she later clarified that she wants to include a diverse range of content, including LGBTQ stories, a variety of romantic subgenres and featuring “every ethnicity, every age group.”Users can browse the library based on what type of emotion they’re looking for, and even filter using a “barometer of naughtiness.” As for the seed funding, investors include Dana Guerin, Patrick Cheung, Jason Calacanis, Bill Lee, Lyn and Norman Lear (who produced All in the Family and many other TV classics) and Kimbal Musk. (NOTE: The PassionFlix references are included because the company produces soft core porn, it has filmed in Ukraine, and Jason Calacanis is an investor (a mentee of Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell affiliated John Brockman).

July 17,2019 | Tensions Rise at First Look Media As Company Shifts Strategy Employees are worried that one of the nation’s largest and most prominent left-of-center media companies, First Look Media, has lost its way. After the company shuttered two marquee outlets, dozens of employees signed a letter to the board of directors in protest. The letter also asks whether the company has acquired Passionflix, a romance-focused streaming video service started by Elon Musk’s sister. Launched in 2013 with an investment from Pierre Omidyar, the billionaire founder of eBay, the publisher of the Intercept distinguishes itself with sharp visual journalism and incisive political reporting. But no media company can sail above the turbulence roiling journalism at large, as the industry struggles to adjust to an economic environment with fewer advertising dollars to go around. And there are limits to Omidyar’s charity: The company reduced its staff by 4 percent in March, and the Intercept, its website for investigative and political journalism, announced that it would no longer manage its archive of Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks. It didn’t take long for reports of internal divisions to surface in the wake of the decision. In notes obtained by the Daily Beast, Laura Poitras, the Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist who co-founded First Look Media, fiercely criticized company leaders and was subsequently “barred” from a meeting about the company’s decision.Co- founded by Tosca Musk, the sister of Elon Musk, Passionflix produces and streams adaptations of romance novels. Users can search for content using the “barometer of naughtiness,” which ranks films and shows based on the steaminess of their story lines. It’s unclear why First Look would be interested in acquiring Passionflix. Omidyar presumably knows Tosca’s infamous sibling; Elon Musk was PayPal’s largest shareholder when eBay acquired it in 2002. Romance novels are also a billion-dollar business. But Passionflix’s offerings would indeed be a departure for First Look, whose forays into film typically have more to do with investigative journalism than with sexy hunks.

October 15, 2020 | LeoGaming plays on despite the global pandemic https://company.d- “As the pandemic continues to unfold, and people find themselves forced to spend more and more time at home, LeoGaming is seeing a growing demand for their service from across the age spectrum, and an increasingly sophisticated payment industry springing up around it. This month we speak to Alyona Degrik Shevtsova, CEO at LeoGaming, about the importance of minding your people and where to next for the company.” Alyona: LeoGaming is a b2b company – we provide universal payment solu- tions for customers, terminal networks and online game publishers and developers – allowing our customers to add funds into an account of a particular service throughout Ukraine, both on- line and offline. Online games have always shown sustainable growth in Ukraine. Ukraine was one of the pioneer countries in e-sports, and due to a good internet infrastructure, online enter- tainment solutions are widely available to everyone. The pandemic only accelerated this. The country immediately enforced a strict quarantine at a state level in order to stop the first wave of COVID-19, which meant people were forces to stay at home most of the time, and during that time the average usage of online games in our portfolio of services increased by up to 30%. Based on such dynamics, we ran promotions with our partners – Mastercard and Visa – offering a bonus for game accounts, which proved very popular.

• June 17, 2021 | Ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko heads the Supervisory Board of the LEO International Payment System “The third President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko headed the Supervisory Board of the LEO International Payment System. This information was published by the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In addition to Viktor Yushchenko, the established Su- pervisory Board of the payment system includes the following people:

– Viktor Kapustin: a banker, an ex-Chairman of the Management Board of Ukreximbank, and one of the most experienced banking top managers in independent Ukraine.

– Galina Kheylo: she is the Vice-President of the Association of Ukrainian Banks, the President of the Ukrainian Association of Payment Systems, and has 22 years of experience in the financial and banking sectors of Ukraine.

The Supervisory Board will oversee the main areas of work of the LEO payment system, while advising the main participants, and accompanying its further scaling as one of the most actively developing Ukrainian payment systems created by non-bank financial institu- tions.

Such plans are confirmed by specific achievements. We want to remind the audience that in 2020, the LEO International Payment System achieved the following things:

– it managed to more than double its turnover (compared to 2019) – it demonstrated a 130% increase in the number of transactions

“At all stages of its development, our payment system focused on professionalism. There- fore, our Supervisory Board consists of experts who have had a significant impact on the formation of the market in which we operate. I am sure that the experience and knowledge of Viktor Andreevich will help us to reach new heights,” said the head of the LEO payment system, Alona Shevtsova.

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It is worth noting that already in March 2021, the LEO International Payment System was introduced by the National Bank of Ukraine as an important payment system in Ukraine. Furthermore, the system can be found among the top 5 leaders of the money transfer mar- ket (the NBU data in 2020) and currently has 23 members, including four commercial banks (IBOX Bank, ComInBank, Sky Bank и Concord Bank), as well as 19 non-bank financial institutions: FC “Sistema” (Sistema brand), FC “Swift Garant” (City24 brand), FC “EVO” and other industry leaders.

•This Cypriot offshore company has a long history. As the public registers show, Mossada evolved from the Cypriot Frugifera Investments, whose director was also Alona Degrik. It is the connection of directors that brings us to another branch of assets through Bilosnizhka2013 Ltd. (38545665), which was managed by Alona Degrik in 2013-2014. One hundred percent participant in Bilosnizhka was the Panamanian Bewley Trade Inc.

The latter had business connections (common registration addresses, nominal directors, etc.) with owners of corporate stakes in the Tyme payment system, which had its license revoked by the NBU due to the transfer of funds through Russian payment systems banned in Ukraine.

For example, Tyme used the Russian PS Contact to make payments in the Russian Federation through residents in Kuwait, thus it managed to circumvent Ukrainian sanctions against Russian payment system operators for a long time by splitting payments.
What is the point of the court’s decision?

The Court of Appeals concluded, and the Supreme Court affirmed, that most of the information published by the Mind did not concern the plaintiff and therefore did not violate her non-property rights; some of the information was value judgments that could not be refuted because they were the subjective opinion of the author and not facts, while the reliability of the remaining information was supported by the written evidence available in the case.

Who is Alena Shevtsova?

Alena Shevtsova is a well-known participant in the payments market, the beneficiary, and the head of PS Leogaming Pay. Her financial partners are investment banker Vadim Gordievsky (9%) and U.S. citizens Viktor Kapustin (9%) and Yuri Kaplun (20.5%). She also owns 9.97% of Ibox Bank, but persons who used to work with Alena Shevtsova or her husband are in key positions to run the bank.

For example, Svetlana Garmash, a member of the bank’s board, is the treasurer at Ibox and oversees payments from the gambling business, and previously worked at FC Leogaming. The bank’s head of security is Alexander Lukashenko, who was head of the NPA’s law enforcement department until 2019. He actively meets with employees of those agencies who are interested in the activities of FC Leogaming.

Former Leogaming PR person Maxim Sorokin, who is probably one of the organizers and authors of the fakes and information attack on the Mind, works as the head of the marketing department. Shevtsova’s business methods are very reminiscent of stories from the ’90s. On the one hand, she actively advertises and leads a social life, nominates herself for various awards and titles, while on the other hand, her companies actively develop a shadow online payments market and aggressive- ly attack competitors, media, and even law enforcement agencies. And this does not prevent her from serving illegal casinos in the Russian Federation.

August 19, 2021 | After a series of articles about the promotion of Russian illegal online casinos that are served by Ukrainian banks, the Mind found itself under unprecedented pressure in the form of black PR and lawsuits initiated by Ibox Bank publications/20230175-mind-scored-an-important-victory-in-the-supreme-court-over-leogaming- and-ibox-shareholder-alena-shev

Her husband, Yevgeny Shevtsov, is officially the richest policeman. He occupies the position of deputy head of the main investigation department of the National Police. In his declaration for 2020 in the “Income” section, he said that his family earned more than 90 million UAH last year.

Yes, Yevgeny Shevtsov’s income, indicated in the declaration, is quite decent for his position in Ukraine – 412,000 UAH per year. All the rest was earned for the family by his wife.

The total amount of monetary assets of the family is declared at the level of 94.3 million UAH.

This is a payment system organizer ( IPS Leo), which provides acceptance of payments in favor of various sites and services and transfer of funds through clearing accounts under the guise of set- tlements of its participants.

Thus, the LEO payment system accepted money for payments through different services like Starmoney (“Kyivstar”) or Financial World, Ibox, Tandem-Finance (2click) payment terminals, the Leo- Wallet e-wallet system (the e-money issuer is Ukrgazbank), or its network of terminals.
The inspection of the NBU, which attracted the attention of even the Western media, reveals that between February 2019 and December 2020, 774 million UAH in payments from bank cards of in- dividuals were written off through LeoWallet (695 million UAH of which was written off by acquiring bank Concord Bank, 55 million UAH by Oshchadbank and 11 million UAH by Ibox). Another 143 million UAH were deposited by individuals through the cash desks of Oshchadbank and payment terminals. shevtsova “A writer and mother of Tesla and SpaceX owner Elon Musk, Maye Musk, visited Kyiv at the invitation of Alyona Shevtsova, the business woman who founded the international payment system LEO. Maye timed her visit to the release of her autobiographical best-selling book, A Woman Makes a Plan, in Ukrainian. Together with Alyona Shevtsova, 73-year-old Musk gave an exclusive interview to journalists of the Snidanok z 1+1 program.” “I admit that when I first read Maye’s book in Washington earlier this year, I even cried. It has become my guide as to how to climb up when it’s hard. When you are a woman; when you are a single mother with children,” Alyona Shevtsova said while explaining the purpose of inviting Maye Musk to Kyiv. Maye Musk is a writer, model, certified nutritionist, the mother of three children – sons Elon, Kimbal (owns a restaurant business), and a daughter Tosca (a director and producer). Alyona Shevtsova is one of the most famous and influential women in the fintech industry of Ukraine. In February 2020, the LEO IPS founded by her received a currency license from the NBU, and in the summer of 2021 it became one of the four largest players in the Ukrainian money transfer mar- ket. The company’s supervisory board is headed by third President Viktor Yushchenko.

Charles Johnson